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Kate's Story: As some of you may know, I celebrated my 30th birthday in February. Wahoo! 30 fabulous years amongst innumerable, fabulous peeps. Although a birthday is a simple one-day affair, I am riding the inspiration of this minor milestone by binding myself to a very meaningful yet challenging goal for 2013. I have committed to the Off the Mat 2013 Seva Amazon Challenge, and have pledged to raise $20,000 by December 31st. These funds will support Off the Mat and yogis around the world working to raise money to help protect the Ecuadorian Amazon from the devastation of deforestation and oil production. Funds we raise will support partners in Ecuador who are strongly defending rainforest ecosystems, standing for environmental justice, and reclaiming indigenous rights. In addition, OTM will be spearheading an education and awareness campaign in the United States about its dependence on foreign oil.

I recognize that an ambition, a passion and an intrinsic calling to dedicate my life to the environment has always existed within me. When I was 19 I had the harebrained idea to move to Costa Rica, learn Spanish, and save the rainforests--all of them. Fast-forward a decade later, 1.5 educational degrees, various travels and a plethora of positions in research, environmental and industry work, the determination remains but now accompanied with the perspective necessary to effectively be part of the change.

Serendipitously, around the same time I was flinging my dreadlocked, idealistic, naïve and insanely unrealistic 19-year old self into the modest job of saving the planet, I found yoga. How do I begin to articulate the secrets yoga has unraveled for me? Well, for a start it has become my lifestyle. Not merely a means to downward dog, it has evolved beyond mere physical practice weaving gracefully into my emotional and spiritual realms. Yoga has introduced me to an inner facet long hidden, my voice. Although I finished a teacher training over 4 years ago, I have only recently begun teaching. Now I conclude each class with the following words: What we encounter on the mat will find us in the world outside, what we cultivate on the mat we carry to the world outside.

In November I attended a yoga training in Texas with the inspirational, Seane Corn, co-creator of Off the Mat, Into the World® (OTM). One of the more powerful statements she said was, when you find yourself in abundance, give back. Those words planted a seed in my soul. My life has been filled with an abundance of remarkable people and extraordinary experiences that have simultaneously ignited, fueled, focused and, at moments, humbled me to do more. You all have been my muse. Whether we were counting sunrises in the offshore arctic, kayaking about the islands of Maine, hiking across glaciers in the Alps, singing by an Alaskan bonfire, practicing yoga on a beach in India, swimming with humpback whales in Hawaii or surfing in Costa Rica, you have been my teachers, my sages and my guides. You have raised me. In short, the myriad of remarkable individuals and experiences are my abundance, and I feel I am now capable of giving back.

OTM bridges yoga and sustainable activism to create social and environmental change. The non-profit inspires yogis to take their yoga off the mat and into the world. Seva means Selfless Service, and with the spirit of Seva, I am excited to start this journey.

Thank you all for the inspiration, support, humbling lessons and guidance that you have given me through the course of my life. I believe we all live in abundance, we all can give back; we all have a responsibility to be part of the global collective, stewards of the earth. I invite you to use me as your avenue to do so.

Mount Desert Island Marathon October 20th, 2013
Hey New Englanders! Calling all cool cruising cats craving a crazy challenge! The Super Sensational Sasha and I are twirling together a terrific and totally twistetd team to try the MDI marathon (or hella heroic halfeeee). Regular runners or rookies come run this radical race for the RAINFOREST on a ridiculously ravishing route. MDI must be one of the most magical masses of Maine and masters mayhem and magnificence. Enigmatically enticed? Join our team by running or by supporting one of our runners and help protect and preserve the Amazon rainforest!

Run for the Rainforest Team 2013
MDI Marathon - Kate Lomac-MacNair & Sasha McFarland
MDI Half Marathon - Nikos Kilcher, Sarah Leiter, Margaret Klein, Bob Sterling, Shannon Coats & Mark Cotter

Support Seva Amazon by purchasing a Seva Tree Pendant. These pendants are made from Amazon rainforest tagua seeds, collected and created by women in Colombia through the Fair Trade Certified group Hope For Women. Hope For Women brings Fair Trade products created by women artisans to the mainstream marketplace. They are a socially responsible organization committed to providing sustainable employment for economically disadvantaged women worldwide. HFW offers products made by women so they can take control of their lives and their futures.
How to purchase: email
Choose from 4 colors: pearl-gray, apricot, lavender and moss green. Each pendant is engraved with a Seva Tree design and comes on a black suede necklace with tagua adjustable bead. $25 donation - email me with your color choice and address and I will ship one to you asap.

SAN FRANCISCO MARATHON: On June 16th I ran the San Francisco Marathon in support of OTM Seva Amazon. Thank you everyone for the phenomenal support!

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Off the Mat and Into the World uses the power of yoga to inspire conscious, sustainable activism and to ignite grassroots social change. We see yogis everywhere taking their yoga off the mat and into the world!

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